In my wanderings I come across some strange requests.

Recently a client requested that I find him an engineer who was experienced in the field of power generation. In addition the proposed candidate needed exposure to working on the African Continent.

I interviewed about 8 very interesting and highly qualified individuals.

What emerged was something quite fascinating.

Many countries in Africa are only now constructing power stations.

The implications are enormous. With sources of power, these countries will now have the ability to create industry that was previously impractical.

Furthermore the mere existence of a power station in an area will require infrastructural creations like roads, housing etc. In addition, a different quality of worker will be required to service these installations bring in more expertise and social upliftment.

There is no doubt that Africa is going through it’s birth pains. However it offers huge potential for future growth.

It is time to consider a strategy to capitalize on the emergence of this sleeping giant.


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