At the risk of offending some of the ethereal people out there, the idea of quantum connectivity is still out with the jury. Not that I am one of those skeptics who are stuck on the idea that if science hasn’t proved it, it doesn’t exist. I’m fascinated with that Particle Collider/Accelerator that they have built near Geneva and am reading some of the findings.

Spooky! – (and probably a lot more spooky if I understood what they were talking about!).

But that is not the topic of this article.

One of my coaches has been talking to me about the power of the mind. He coaches teenagers on the topic.

Part of the course material proposes that thoughts are forces.

Now, short of mysterious waves emanating from my head,  I struggle with this stuff  – it doesn’t really fit in with my practical left-brain thinking especially in the business context.

But it certainly got me thinking.

In the process, I noticed that thoughts could certainly be very restrictive. When I looked a little closer I realized that my negative thoughts are powerful. In fact it was as if they did have a force of their own, almost physically pulling me down.

This construct was very profound.

I asked myself what would happen if I shifted these thoughts and re-framed them is a positive way.

For example I might think:

“I really don’t like doing this and I will never get it done. What am I going to do. This is a disaster!”.

Can you feel the ‘drag’?

So here is the same thing but with a lot more air:

“I don’t feel like doing this now – I will tackle it tomorrow morning after a good nights sleep. I know I can do it well”.

Can you feel the lightness?

Yes, I know that the latter scenario looks like procrastination (and it probably is).

But so what? The energy and force behind the thinking is completely different. The shutting down and opening up are opposing forces with exponentially different outcomes.

So are thoughts forces?




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