As an entrepreneur, you will have successes. It’s nice and it’s rewarding and it feels damn good.

But beware – it is also very seductive!

With the bank account looking flush, it is more than tempting to go out and reward yourself. A new computer sounds good (the old one is looking grubby) and a well-earned rest is definitely a must.

But know this – you are entering a danger zone.

One swallow does not make a summer and thinking that you can take a break is what will set you up for your next failure!

Look, we are only human beings. Our emotions rule us and leave us vulnerable.

But, hey, what’s wrong with vulnerability? It’s actually quite nice. It’s connecting.

What’s not connecting is disconnecting from your business. Have a break by all means but get back to work asap!

Taking a break is dangerous. It slows you down and evokes your procrastination muscle.This will create a predictable phase of famine.

If you have not found this out already then you are still in the kindergarten business development stage.

The sales budget/forecast is not the driver of the business – it’s the sales pipeline.

Those who manage the pipeline have emerged into the more mature entrepreneurial space.

This is no big deal – it simply puts reality clearly on the table.

The sales-pipeline mentality is a cognitive awareness that goes like this: If you stop your sales/marketing activity, the pipeline will develop a vacuum which will pop out in the not-too-distant future as an abrupt decrease in sales.

And this will not be immediately apparent. You might go along for a few weeks looking okay. The thing is that this activity was put into the pipeline some time ago.

Going away or breaking off to party a bit takes you away from filling the pipeline. The result is that your sales will come to an abrupt halt. This is the ugly face of the ‘vacuum’!

Furthermore, the pipeline now has to be refilled. Whilst this happening, current sales will dry up. It is this flat-line phase that could be particularly damaging if you allow it to.

The main thing is that you want to avoid the drama that plays out like this:

  • The economy is really bad – that’s why things are getting worse
  • I’m useless – I can’t run a business
  • Nothing I do ever works
  • Everything I do fails
  • I’ll never survive

The truth, though, is simply that the sales pipeline has dried up.

This drama is quite normal but, as it plays out, you will drain your emotional energy and exacerbate your decline.

Knowing that you are always at cause of your outcomes is the most effective entrepreneurial mind-set.

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