*Includes CA(Z) and CA(NAM).

Your attitude on the work place is paramount. And, your choice of words is equally important. The requirement of a positive and can-do attitude is essential.

So, be very careful of your language that you use when you are talking to your boss.

Here are 5 phrases that need to be avoided at all costs:

  1. “This is not part of my job spec.” There is nothing that will aggravate a boss more than someone who challenges what needs gets done. Always say yes, disengage and then return with what parts you can do and what parts require further input. This will allow you to work through your negative frustrations outside of your boss’ space and return calm and collected and. You are required to be professional not act like a spoilt child.
  2. “I don’t know.” This called the “stonewall stall”. If you ever want to irritate your boss and evoke an unpleasant retort, use this excuse. Don’t ever say this! The appropriate response is a positive assurance that it will get done and then disengage and express your frustration privately. You can then go and ask the a colleague what to do. You need to always display a keenness. So your research and return with a good answer. Don’t be surprised to find out that your boss was simply checking on your commitment! Always show that you are interested in finding out. If you’re really stuck get onto Google or find an easy-to-understand video on YouTube.
  3. “I’ll give it a try.” This is about as vacant an answer as can possibly be derived and will turn your boss into a raging lunatic! It means that you’re not really interested and you’ll look at it when you get the time. Big no-no! An “I’ll get back to you shortly with an answer” is what the boss wants to hear.
  4. “I’m not okay working with them!” You don’t have to love everyone around you but be cautious about revealing your vulnerabilities. You are required to behave professionally so grin and bear it. Find a way to work together. Being obstructive is a bad career move. Your function is to get the job done. So, just do it, even if you have to brown-nose! Get on the team. Don’t play “The Alone Ranger”.
  5. “I cannot do it. It’s impossible!” Always remember that your boss knows your capabilities, possibly even more than you do. If it needs to get done and it’s being allocated to you, you are expected to deliver, not whine. It might be unpleasant and require a very late night at the office, but do it! Nothing is impossible. Being negative and pessimistic will bowl you out. If necessary, withdraw to the toilet and take your frustrations out in private. If it is that impossible, rather disengage, consider what can be done and return with your execution strategy. Works every time!

Remember that going up against your boss is a bad move. Effectively, your career path is guided by your boss. Don’t give away ammo to take you down. If you are going for executive status know that there is a game that you need to earn to play.  The 5 statements discussed above will play you out of the game.